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MMoexp Madden 24 coins to rectify

Madden NFL 24 admits that it made a refereeing mistake during Washington-New York game

There was some controversy on Sunday night. At the conclusion of the game , the official mistakenly signaled a first down, and the chains were moved. The chains were then moved back following play and was converted to fourth down. Madden NFL 24 vice president of officiating Dean Blandino said the crew was negligent and should stop play to Madden 24 coins rectify the issue.

"In this situation where there is clear confusion regarding the status of the down play should have been stopped prior third down and the proper down was communicated to both clubs. This should have occurred regardless of Washington didn't have timeouts and it took less than the two-minute time limit."

Jay Cutler "week-to-week"

Jay Cutler is reportedly targeting the Week 14 start date for his return from an ankle injury, but his status for next Monday isn't known until after this week. Bears head coach Marc Trestman said Cutler remains "week-to-week."

The Bears are expected to return to training on Thursday and Cutler's participation level will go a long way in determining the team's status against Dallas. If he's able practice in a limited way Cutler could be ready to go back on Monday. Should he not be able to, the result may be Josh McCown getting another start for the Bears.

McCown has played well for Madden 24 coins for sale Chicago, but Cutler's absence has been felt through the stats. McCown has been a good player, but the Bears are averaging 29 points per game in games Cutler begins and 22.8 PPG in games that are played by McCown.


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