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How do I make sure that silver jewelry is clean

You'll need an extra bowl, a lint-free pandora discount rings towel and dish soap, hot water as well as an easy bristle toothbrush.

It is important to understand that you should clean solid gold and solid silver the same way.

To cleanse your jewelry, you must first choose a flat surface with no drains, holes or vents for the floor. It's okay to drop your jewelry in case it becomes wet.

In a small, shallow bowl mix a reasonable pandora au amount of dish soap and enough warm water to coat your jewelry. Use your soft bristle brush to make the mixture active making a smooth lather.

Put the items in the bowl, and leave them to rest for at least 15 minutes. Don't let them sit for more than 15 mins.

Carefully brush the entire area with the bristle toothbrush that is soft. Make sure that the edge of the brush is completely wet.

Use warm water to rinse your jewelry pandora nexklace and then dry it immediately using the softest cloth. You may scratch your jewelry using newspaper towels. If you allow it to air dry, water spots could form on the surface. If they do, they're very easy to get rid of using a lint-free buffing cloth.


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