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#1 2016-01-27 13:08:54

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trouble with 9 kbp plasmid

Hi all,

I've been doing RF cloning for quite a while. I always worked with vectors of an final length of 6 kbp without any major issues. With 9 kbp I run into troubles. I end up without colonies. I'm pretty much sticking to the literature in my protocol. In the primer design, I must stick to a certain spot. So, the overhangs of the megaprimer a directly adjacent on the parental vector. I cannot leave out any bp in between. Could this also be an issue?
Any comment appreciated. Thx



#2 2016-01-27 14:18:25

Steve Bond
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Re: trouble with 9 kbp plasmid

Hi Chris,
The fact that your 6 Kb constructs are working is great news, because it means you are doing things right from a technical sense. So there is probably something going wonky on the design side of the 9 Kb construct. Did you use the website to design it? It's much easier for me to help troubleshoot if I can look at it directly, instead of trying to work from your description. I can search the backend for past projects if you did design it on the site, I just need something to search for.


#3 2021-05-31 12:23:32

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Re: trouble with 9 kbp plasmid

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