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Monopoly Go Shields Guide

The Shield is a critical element in Monopoly GO, exerting tremendous influence over gaming dynamics. lt plays an important defensive role, giving participants a way to protect their financial interests and strategic position in the game. We’re here to explain what Monopoly Go shields are and how you can stock up on them, and protect your Landmarks. Let’s quickly jump into the guide.

What are Monopoly Go Shields?

Shields are your trusty defenders, keeping your properties safe from others who might try to take them. Players can use its defensive abilities to protect their landmarks against other shutdown attacks. You can hold three of these at one time and when they get used, they will go away until you get more, so replenish often! Shields also get you rewards if you manage to unlock different types of them.

How To get Monopoly Go Shields?

    Random spawns: Throughout the board, shields randomly appear as tiles. Landing on such a tile automatically gives you the shield, which equips itself right away.
    Quick Wins: Completing the daily “Quick Wins” tasks often rewards you with different stuff, including shields.
    Weekly Rewards: Reaching milestones in the weekly progress bar unlocks various prizes, and shields can be among them.
    Events: Participating in themed events can also reward you with shields. So, check the “Events” tab regularly to see what’s currently live.

In general, by actively playing, completing tasks, and participating in events, you can increase your shield collection and keep your Monopoly GOempire safely protected.

What are Monopoly Go Shield Skins?

Shield skins are a kind of rare reward that only gets offered to players on occasion; that makes them all the more precious and worth collecting. There are a few ways to unlock shield skins in the game:

    By playing Seasonal Events, which are limited-time events that offer different rewards for completing challenges, such as rolling a set amount of times, landing repeatedly on specific tiles, etc.
    By completing your Quick Wins and unlocking Weekly Rewards. These are daily tasks you can complete in the game to accumulate points towards a big reward.
    By completing daily check-in events. Logging into the game every day to claim a reward each day will sometimes let you get new shield skins.

Skins have no particular benefits other than making your shields look different. However, the act of unlocking many shield skins and collecting them can help you gain rewards.

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